Make use of First Colo’s storage on demand storage space – whether 1 or 1000 TB

he power of Ceph can transform your organization’s IT infrastructure and your ability to manage vast amounts of data. Its CRUSH algorithm frees storage clusters from the traditional limitations of scalability and performance, which are usually imposed by centralised data table mapping. Thus, the storage on demand solution we offer leads to major benefits in terms of scaling, cost savings, and comprehensive integration for your entity. In general, the aim of storage on demand solutions is to have an efficient and flexible way to secure company data quickly, reliably and independent of location.

Key elements of our storage on demand solutions include:

  • SSD-only technology to ensure a high amount of I/O’s at highest possible performance
  • Flexible expandability, which offers the possibility of an expansion of your storage capacity without the need to reinvest into new hardware
  • Versatile integration options, to ensure a seamless integration of your desired storage capacity, compatible in all common software solutions
  • High availability standards, with an uptime of 99.999%
  • Tripled replication of files in our storage on demand, to ensure a secure storage of your data


If your organisation runs applications with different storage interface needs, you can make use of the existing infrastructure in our computer centre – Ceph is for you!