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In response to the growing types of user behaviour, CDN technology is considered an indispensable component of websites: more and more online customers are accessing websites with different (mobile) end devices, from all possible locations in the world. In this respect they use, for example, the time window for their waiting and bridging times at train stations and airports in Germany, Europe and throughout the whole world in order to complete binding processes in the form of bookings or online purchases in local websites familiar to them. Without an interconnected, intelligent technology (CDN is meant here) the customer requests (clicks) made during these processes would have to make such long trips back to the original server that it would not be possible to guarantee the usual ease of use of a website from a very distant user location. All of the studies carried out into this subject up until now have found that more than half of all users leave a website after three seconds if its content is not loaded quickly enough. Internet-dependent businesses and internet-based business ideas therefore require well-thought-out digital infrastructures which correspond to the increasing mobile requirements of users in a location-independent way. All e-business companies are consequently more and more frequently investing in what is known as the “distributed local principle,” which was devised using CDN technology. First Colo’s CDN should therefore become a component of your website that helps increase sales.

Advantages of First Colo’s CDN


The de-centralised structure of the CDN means that the data center with the shortest distance to the end-user device is in each case engaged for the visitor to a website. This keeps the latency times as low as possible. The explosion in the number of end-user devices worldwide means use of CDN technology is becoming more and more indispensible.

Ranking (SEO)

The websites’ loading time is an important criterion for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). Appropriate measures must therefore be taken to avoid any reduction in the speed of websites. By relocating static content, the CDN reduces your sites’ response times and thus improves the loading speed and the search engine’s ranking.

Website localisation

Even when dynamic website content is being processed, the static part of the content behaves like a local server individually hosting the content in each country. As a result, the website behaves like a locally hosted website. Even search engines treat it as if it was physically located on a local server. CDN therefore functions at the same time like a local SEO measure.


You can store any multimedia content in your CDN: HD images, music, e-learning, animations, videos, etc. CDN allows visitors to your site to load this content considerably quicker. Fluid user comfort and a frustration-free navigation experience are the result.

More than 100 locations

The bigger the CDN, the better for the customer. We are continually expanding our CDN presence, with additional points of presence in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia. In this respect we always concentrate on regions with fast-growing demand for broadband.


By using CDN you will noticeably reduce your volume of data traffic through recurring requests. This reduction will allow you to reduce the broadband costs of your hosting service. You can see the volume saved on your interface. The traffic for the CDN is billed for depending on consumption.


As a result of the optimised loading speed at every location throughout the world, your website, and thus also your company, acquires a uniform, globally distributed image. National or continental differences in image with regard to the digital accessibility of the company are eliminated. As a rule, the IP addresses of your websites are localised geographically. If your server is located in Germany, your IPs are also traditionally German. However, CDN uses an Anycast IP, which is internationally compatible. CDN thus also manages to be localised globally. Above and beyond this, CDN has the advantage of reduced broadband costs in every target country for international target groups or target countries.

Cost savings on your infrastructure

After you have used CDN, some of the bandwidth you have required up until then is taken over by the CDN technology. You thus reduce bandwidth consumption through recurring requests. The reduction in data traffic relieves your infrastructure of the management of static content and concentrates this on dynamic tasks.

The difference is your competitive advantage: Use it with First Colo GmbH

CDN - Never heard?



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Technical performance features

  • Accelerated delivery of websites
  • Active distribution of large files with push technologies
  • Shortened download times for the user
  • Caching for video, audio, graphics, software, documents, websites
  • Support for http range requests
  • SSL support
  • Configurable memory for the caches (SSD/RAM/HDD)
  • TTL support (backend server/regular expression)
  • Comprehensive access statistics
  • Full control over First Colo’s customer portal



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