Our second site


Thanks to our central location in Frankfurt am Main

Our second site – connected by two direct darkfibers

Located in the east of the city, the data center is just a few minutes’ walk from Europe’s largest Internet exchange – the DECiX – and offers ideal conditions for optimal connectivity. With space for about 400 racks or 16,000 servers on 1200 square meters of technical space, we have sufficient growth space available for the coming years. We would be pleased to invite you to a personal guided tour. We had a vision with the concept of this project: We wanted to create a data center that combines economic and ecological aspects of our customers and the environment with the greatest possible efficiency. Sustainable energy management – hence low power losses for air conditioning, power supply and peripherals – should ensure an economically attractive but at the same time environmentally conscious operation of servers. With a PUE – the ratio between server output and total output – of 1.1 to 1.15, we are among the leading companies in Frankfurt and worldwide. Our values are comparable to Google and compared to the industry average of 1.8, we are about eight times more efficient or consume only 12.5% as much energy as an average data center.

At the same time we wanted to offer a permanent, high quality 24×7 service on site. From many years in the industry, we know that many competitors have limited applications: Often only rudimentary tasks such as resets can be performed. Our aim, however, was that our technicians should be able to help in any situation. Regardless of whether components need to be replaced, a raid array needs to be repaired or there is a software problem. We have consistently and successfully implemented these high ambitions. The result is a technically advanced and economically attractive data center.

This high-quality implementation has paid off: Our location has been certified by TÜV Saarland as a highly available computer center level 3 and thus guarantees a qualitatively flawless operation of the approximately 4,000 server systems that are currently already subordinate, which are used by our customers in the form of colocation or as dedicated rental systems.


Special features

  • Free parking facilities
  • Convenient routes for delivery of goods
  • Kitchen and lounge for customers
  • Assembly room for testing purposes
  • Provision of tools
  • Locker systems for rent
  • Supportive specialist staff
  • U7 + U4 U-Bahn/Tram stop Kruppstraße
  • Travel time…
    … To the main railway station: 17 minutes

The Site

The computer centre located in the east of Frankfurt offers over 1200m² of space for your projects. The lower part of the building was rebuilt especially for the operation of the data center. In addition to current security technologies such as biometric access systems, special attention was paid to sustainable energy management and environmentally conscious operation. TÜV Saarland certified the data center as a high available data center level 3. In addition to the ISO-27001 certification, the ISO-9001 certification also guarantees qualitatively flawless operation.

Parking facilities

The data center has free parking spaces at the back of the building. Additional parking facilities are available in the immediate vicinity. Due to our processes, it is necessary to register in advance via the ticket system – this also ensures that a parking space is available for you in the event of longer journeys.

Delivery of goods

In addition to several trolleys, the data center also has a lift truck with which larger deliveries can be transported to the data center. This allows you to conveniently have your hardware delivered to the site after prior notification – it will then be installed for you on request or will be ready for you until your arrival.

Assembly room

In addition to our ramp area directly adjacent to the internal assembly room for employees, there is an area that customers can use to test systems in quiet and noise-protected conditions. It is possible to rent lockers permanently – Like us, the computer centre has its own hardware warehouse – Should you ever need anything or have forgotten something, our colleagues will be happy to help you.