Expansion of company-owned network

Equipped for the future with the aid of current technology

To offer customers an even better infrastructure, First Colo GmbH plans an expansion of its company-owned network in this year. The aim is to expand the core routing infrastructure of the computer centre, in addition to an increase in the capacities of the remote locations. This very expansion will bring considerable advantages for the customers of First Colo and the computer centre itself. The new infrastructure will lead to an increase in performance of the computer centre and thereby enhance processing power. For customers this ensures smooth growth and better latency. Furthermore, the new hardware will increasingly protect customers from DDoS-attacks, since the internal network will be even better at detecting and preventing those attacks in their initial stage. In addition, customers will have two physical locations at the computer centre to choose from, which in turn increase the sheer size of the network and thus offer the possibility for greater redundancy. Therefore, the expansion of the company-owned network at First Colo will be carried out as quickly and as carefully as possible, to provide customers with a better and more sustainable environment in the near future.