Expansion of the computer center

Scaling horizontally – Impending expansion of the computer center

In sight of the ongoing growth of First Colo GmbH, there is a need for an extensive expansion of the rack-capacities in the computer centre located at Hanauer Landstraße in Frankfurt. Said expansion of First Colo’s company-owned computer centre will be carried out in October of this year and will be completed by February of 2019. The company plans to decrease existing working space to make room for additional racks in the computer centre. The aim is to be able to make full use of the site at Hanauer Landstraße. Consequently, customers will gain multiple advantages after this very project is realised; one of these for instance is the third fire protection sector, which enables customers to locate their systems in three different fire sections within the computer centre. In addition, for this very area there will be a new conceptualisation of the entire networking infrastructure. Furthermore, the uninterruptible power supply will be updated once more, which leads to an even further enhancement of our services. The biggest advantage for customers will be the increased potential for growth, since the expansion of the computer centre will ensure that additional requirements of both new- and existing customers can be realised without restrictions. Lastly, First Colo will offer the possibility to make reservations for the new fire protection sector, even before completion of the project. Relating to this, customers can kindly turn to First Colo’s sales team and make contact at sales@first-colo.net.