The internet … is playing an increasingly greater role in people’s lives. More and more offers are being placed on the net. Cloud computing allows us to access our data from anywhere in the world. Almost every business has its own internet website, which often becomes a fixed component of its business model. However, the digital society can only work if people can rely on the permanent availability of servers.

This is where we come in. Our goal is to provide our customers with complete security so that your offers can withstand high loads and are accessible 24/7. We take it for granted that we are always there for our customers when they need us and are always on hand for them with help and advice. For us, excellent services is one of the duties of a data center operator. The customer’s welfare is the focus of each of our decisions.

At the same time we are aware that a power-intensive company such as First Colo should make a contribution to environmental protection. We include our carbon footprint in all of our strategic decisions and make every effort to reduce our energy consumption as much as possible through innovations.

The company First Colo GmbH is a modern IT service provider in the area of expertise and service orientation in relation to server and network issues. Our company has been a successful part of the market for more than ten years and has recorded rapid growth during this time. Our strengths include a high degree of flexibility and customer orientation as well as the consistent use of particularly modern and efficient technologies.

A short retrospect: In 2004, the company Digitallabs Network GmbH was founded by Martin Verges. The company successfully offered hosting and housing products, thereby developing a solid customer base. In order to cope with the ever increasing administration work, and also to correspondingly expand the product range, the company was renamed First Colo GmbH at the end of 2007. At the beginning of 2011, the data center was opened in the Accent Office Center. This heralded the start of a new era for us.

2016: Won Deloitte Fast 50 award
2016: Merger with 5 e-business service providers for added digital value to form diva-e (www.diva-e.com)
2016: Cooperation partnership with Proxmox
2015: Won Deloitte Fast 500 award (Europe, Middle East & Africa)
2015: Expansion of power infrastructure’s capacity
2015: Provision of storage-on-demand infrastructures
2014: Won Deloitte Fast 50 award
2014: Expansion of data center to double its capacity
2013: Won Deloitte Fast 50 award
2012: Partnership with Radware
2012: Expansion of data center sites
2011: Completion and putting into operation of the new premises
2010: Beginning of construction of a new high availability data center in Frankfurt am Main
2009: Positioning on the market as an international carrier
2007: Founding of the First Colo GmbH Association and further development of the services provided
2004: Renaming of company as Digitallabs Network GmbH; product expansion to include data center technology and housing and hosting products
2001: Founding of the company Servernetworks, with core expertise in the game server and e-sports industry