Redundant locations


High level of security through top technology


Corporate applications are nowadays protected by a commendably high level of safety when there is no more data in the company itself. The staff connect themselves directly to the server in the data center and work with remote access. All of the risks of elementary damage, intrusion and acts of sabotage, or risks consequent on defects, are thus virtually reduced to zero. At the same time speedy access is guaranteed to the workplace from both the company and any other desired location.

The highest possible security level ultimately involves storing all data stock in a second data center functioning as a redundant location. The residual remaining risks are thus almost wholly excluded. In addition to the benefit that no additional costs are incurred for the data traffic moving between our locations, our European foreign locations also provide some extras with which, depending on the industry, costs can be reduced and additional business segments covered.

aut Our redundant location in Vienna


With our new carrier-neutral location in Vienna we provide, as a complement to our redundant concepts in Frankfurt am Main, additional geo-redundancy as desired by some groups of customers. As is usual, we make a modern, secure and scalable infrastructure possible here for our customers for demanding IT projects as well as many opportunities to connect to numerous carriers and internet service providers, and a direct connection to the internet exchange node (VIX) in Vienna.
The highly-networked location in Vienna helps us and our internationally active customers to reduce the costs for network access customary there and, at the same time, to improve the efficiency of the connections. Our data center in Vienna is thus the ideal starting point from where to establish new business relationships with which additional sales potential can be developed. Within the community of our data centers the location in Vienna is mainly used by the digital media sector and by industries with high volumes of data traffic.


ned Our redundant location in Amsterdam

Our redundant location in Amsterdam

In addition to our redundant concepts in Frankfurt am Main, our Dutch data center provides an additional geo-redundant location to facilitate access for additional industries to the Dutch legal area.
It is thus the ideal complementary location in which to establish business segments with which sales potential can be developed which is no longer (so) possible on the German market. Typical customer groups in this respect are the financial sector, the cloud and digital media sector, mainly with streaming offers.


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