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Allowing IT systems and data to be managed by third parties is always a question of trust. As a German data center operator, we have in the past only been able to gain this trust because we offer such a high level of security, which our customers can never guarantee in their own businesses.

Our main customers come from the e-commerce, real-time applications and multi-media services industries, with their above-average security requirements. Our offers range from the rental of IT space and the monitoring of all network processes through IT outsourcing, with regard to which our customers hand over the responsibility for operating hardware and software products completely to us, on up to different, efficient and scalable DDoS protection solutions.

Medium-sized businesses’ service and support requirements frequently do not suit the “call centre mentality” of large cloud providers. This is why we offer our customers excellent technical contacts, emergency services with clearly defined escalation paths and well-thought-out authorisation and entitlements. Within our high availability cluster we try to implement all of our customers’ requirements as part of a fair cost structure.

Thanks to the trust placed in us, we will be able to do very much more in this respect in the future and, with our customers’ worry-free attitude, attend to the growth potential of different sectors.

Due to the huge demand for our range of services, we are currently expanding our office and data center space substantially. You are thus cordially invited to place your trust in First Colo, a modern, state-of-the-art partner company.

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